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Crosswalk Articles

Below are a running list of articles I have written for, an online Christian living magazine that I became connected with through another homeschool mama-writer-friend Parenting 3 Reasons Disappointing Your Children Is Actually Good Parenting – Published May 7, 2020 How to Decide if You Should be a Stay-at-Home Mom or a Working OneContinue reading “Crosswalk Articles”

Hopewriters Challenge

I participated in a 7-day writing challenge with Hopewriters as a way to grow my newfound habit of writing. Each day there was a one-word prompt as inspiration for sharing. I hope that you benefit from reading these entries as much as I did from writing them! {Disclaimer: I came down with the flu halfContinue reading “Hopewriters Challenge”

If This Was Not Your Decade

I have soaked up all of the 10-year recaps and year-end summaries that flooded the internet this past week as we welcomed 2020. Between those and the Christmas cards that I tore open and taped to our doorway throughout December, I have been filled with all the warm fuzzies from thoughtful and inspiring reflections. Really,Continue reading “If This Was Not Your Decade”

Brothers, Sisters, Lake Sharks and Frenemies

My three daughters are best friends and mortal enemies. They know each other inside and out, and thus possess the tools and the power to evoke both deep blessing and utter pain. At ages 5, 4, and 1, they spend a large portion of their day encompassed together in their own world of pretend. TheyContinue reading “Brothers, Sisters, Lake Sharks and Frenemies”

Pregnancy Devotional: Introductory Post

This is {hopefully} the inaugural post of an upcoming series of reflections that follows each week of pregnancy. One semi-peaceful naptime while weathering the first trimester with my third child, I plopped down on the couch with the intention of spending a few moments of quiet devotional time with the Lord. I was queasy, exhausted,Continue reading “Pregnancy Devotional: Introductory Post”

From Cringing to Wonder

I sifted through maternity clothes today for loaning to a friend. Seeing three entirely different sets of clothing that a woman’s body can cycle through in a year’s time made me recognize the immense change that these vessels can handle. Each time my body has gone through this process, I found myself grappling with vanityContinue reading “From Cringing to Wonder”

Doubt: Where to Start, Where to Go

My relationship with God has been stuck in the “it’s complicated” status for quite a while now. Sometimes He and I are not on speaking terms; sometimes we really have it out. One day I’m wrestling, another day I’m apathetic. As is common with troubled relationships, I can’t seem to track down when it started,Continue reading “Doubt: Where to Start, Where to Go”